Our Main Antique Showroom

Our Main Antique Showroom
Housed in Post Civil War Era Barn

Welcome, Ohio Travelers!

Planning a trip to Ohio Amish country? A stop at our family-owned shop, Spies Farms Antiques, in Dover, Ohio is a must. When you see our two big showrooms of one-of-a-kind antiques, you'll be sure to find special yet affordable treasures that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Your friends will wonder where you found unique, well-made pieces like these for such a good value. Items we frequently have in stock include antique solid wood tables (e.g. harvest, dining, library, etc.), various styles of antique wooden chairs, antique sideboards, dressers and chests of drawers, antique store counters, antique shutters, doors and mirrors, enamelware and other old-time kitchen items, as well as rustic accents such as lanterns, coal buckets and old farming tools. Our family constantly searches throughout Ohio Amish country, selecting and procuring unusual, rare finds – virtual “buried treasures” that have often been tucked away for over a century.

Our main antique shop is housed in our old barn (built in the 1800s) which has been in our family for 4 generations. The post Civil War barn is in its original state, with beams made from hand-hewn logs – it even contains some wooden nails, so the shop itself is something to see. Don’t miss our auxiliary building which holds some of the larger furniture items plus unusual finds like antique rug looms, work benches and cider presses. The newest addition to Spies Farms Antiques is our authentic log cabin, originally built in southern Tuscarawas County, which our family “rescued” and painstakingly moved and rebuilt, log by hand-hewn log, near the main antique showrooms. When you visit, take a peek inside the cabin at the old-style chinking in the log walls, the restored original wooden floors on both the ground floor and the second floor loft, and the working stone fireplace that we rebuilt by hand with stones from local farm fields.

Getting to Spies Farms Antiques is easy – we’re located at 2694 State Route 39, about 1 mile west of the Interstate 77 Dover exit, heading towards the heart of Ohio Amish country e.g. Sugarcreek, Walnut Creek, Berlin and Millersburg. (Note: Ohio is home to the largest Amish/Mennonite population in the entire world). Our hours are: March - September and November: Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 8:00 - 5:30, and by appointment. October: Mon. - Sat. 8:00 - 5:30.  December - February, open as weather permits.

Many of our customers seem to think we’re worth a repeat visit – we regularly have visitors to Spies Farms Antiques from across the nation, all the way from Washington State to Florida to Texas and everywhere in between – plus Canada, so we think they must appreciate both our wide selection of antiques as well as the friendly conversation and our “insider” advice on local attractions.  Especially in these times of high gas prices, we know you want to make your trip to Ohio Amish country as memorable and worthwhile as possible, so check this site often; we'll be offering our suggestions for other interesting places and events in the local area, plus updates from the antique shop.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tricks, Treats and Wind in the Trees

Can you believe it's the end of October?  Better hurry if you still want to enjoy the autumn beauty!  The wind will be picking up, and soon the cold rains will start to fall -- we'll be seeing frost every morning soon.  None of us can help but think back to our Halloween nights as children...I remember dressing up in costumes, with those plastic masks (we used to call them "false faces!")  It was thrilling to pretend to be a character like a fortune teller or a fireman, and the thrills got even better when the candy started flowing into our trick or treat bags!  And the best thrill of all was having Grandma tell us a spooky tale that would send shivers up our spines. Don't forget to pass on these wonderful traditions with the youngsters in your life -- they'll remember your stories for decades to come.  Be sure to stop by on your fall outings in Ohio Amish country -- you can certainly find an affordable little "treat" for yourself at Spies Farms Antiques (no cavities either!)  Be safe, and remember, "the goblin's will get you if don't watch out - BOO!"  Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Take the Scenic Route - the Fall Foliage is at Its Peak!

You've been waiting for this time all year... it's by far the best time to come to Ohio Amish country -- the prime of autumn is here!  How can we describe the colors you'll see?  Russet, amber, garnet, gold, olive, maroon, vermillion, scarlet -- when is the last time you treated yourself to a visit to "nature's art gallery?"  We know that trips in the car are fewer these days, so you need to make them really count.  What better way to make the trip worthwhile than to head out on an Amish Country Byway?  Route 557 will take you to places like Farmerstown and Charm, while Route 62 will lead you past Berlin to Bunker Hill and Winesburg.  If you head back down Route 515, you'll find Trail, and then once you get to Route 39, you'll pass Walnut Creek and Sugarcreek.  The scenery across Holmes County and west Tuscarawas County at this time of year is an unbeatable combination of blazing fall color on the trees with picturesque views of Amish families busy with their harvests in the fields.  On your way back towards I-77, please be sure to stop by Spies Farms Antiques to tell us what you saw and perhaps to find a special memento of your trip.  We'll be waiting for you -- enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celebrating the Past and the Present

As part of our local Bicentennial celebration, Spies Farms Antiques decked out a float with some of our rare antiques from days gone by for the parade, and we got into the spirit by dressing up in old-fashioned clothes.  Even the young kids joined in by handing out apples to the parade crowds (we figured that's a snack that never goes out of style!)  It's interesting to think that our area was settled just a few decades after America celebrated its independence -- no wonder antiques are so much a part of our lives here!  Family treasures have been handed down for many generations; we're glad we can help our antique-loving customers to be a part of that tradition. The fall foliage is becoming ablaze with color, and the weather is still fine -- it's a great time to come and visit. We'll see you soon.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crisp Fall Weather Calls For a Slice of Pie

As the weather turns cooler, our thoughts turn from lighter summer fare to heartier food, and yes, even a slice of pie now and then!  Although many of us like to bake (and for those of you who do, be sure to check out our hard-to-find cooking and baking items, just like Grandma had in her kitchen!), sometimes we like to go up the road to a long-standing family favorite -- Dutch Valley restaurant, which is just this side of Sugarcreek on Route 39.  When you go, bring your appetite, because we've never heard of anyone leaving without a full tummy and a smile on their face!  They offer a wide range of Amish style dishes which they mainly serve "family style", and they always have many flavors of pie to choose from.  One of our family's favorite pie flavors is grape -- if you haven't tried it, now is the time!  (You won't regret it).  Since you drove all this way, be sure to ask for a scoop of ice cream with it.  See you at Spies Farms Antiques!